Kevin Bade, CourtView Justice Solutions

“Volaris stepped up, invested in our people and our product, while reassuring our existing client base that they were in the business for the long term. Their knowledge and experience has been invaluable in guiding us to success.”

-Kevin Bade, CourtView Justice Solutions

Success Snapshot: CourtView Justice Solutions

Success Snapshot: CourtView Justice Solutions

Challenges and Goals

CourtView leveraged itself heavily in some high profile, high-risk development projects. While they were working on those projects, the existing client base became disenfranchised and many sought alternative solutions. These events trickled down and had an impact on the company’s brand, particularly with new clients, making it more difficult to win new deals. Resources were depleted because of these development projects and the toll they were taking on the existing client base.

CourtView sought a parent that would choose to invest in the business and help mitigate these challenging circumstances, rather than liquidating the company. 

The Volaris Difference

Since being acquired by Volaris, CourtView has experienced three key benefits: 

  • Because Volaris is a software company itself, they understand the product development cycle and were able to help CourtView get those high profile projects back on track.
  • CourtView has found a lot of common ground with the other divisions under Volaris’ umbrella. They can now compare themselves against their sister companies with tangible measures, developed by Volaris. Growth decisions are therefore made with enhanced visibility and insight.
  • Volaris’ accounting and financial infrastructure has offered an important frame of references and the accessibility of internal resources has resulted in streamlined processes, reduction of error and improved insights.

Feedback from CourtView employees, since the acquisition, has been extremely positive. CourtView cites Volaris’ positive corporate culture and their focus on software as a key to their corporate growth and development.

“At Volaris, we understand the enterprise software market inside and out, no matter the vertical or industry. We know what it takes to have a successful software company. We are proud to have worked with CourtView to grow and enhance their product and invest their client base for the long haul.” -- Mark Miller, CEO, Volaris Group
The Difference

Before Volaris

  • Development projects were sapping resources
  • Existing client base was neglected and shrinking
  • Company growth stagnated


  • A parent that would not liquidate the company
  • Reassurance of existing client base
  • Guidance for future development projects

After Volaris

  • Volaris has provided metrics to measure growth and gauge improvement
  • Development has been properly managed
  • CourtView’s performance has stabilized