Success Snapshot- Wellington Computer Systems Ltd.
Alex Dunne, Co-Founder of Wellington Software

“We liked how Volaris used a long-term lens in its approach, setting the company up for sustainable success.”

-Alex Dunne, Co-Founder of Wellington Software

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Success Snapshot - Wynne Systems
John Bureau, General Manager at Wynne Systems

"Our previous parent company’s core competence was renting equipment, and having an enterprise software division did not suit their current operational model."

-John Bureau, General Manager at Wynne Systems

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Success Snapshot: Incognito
Stephane Bourque, Incognito Software Inc.

“We were eager to grow our business further but we needed more investment and resources to do this effectively”

-Stephane Bourque, Incognito Software Inc.

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Success Snapshot – Gallery Systems
Jay Hoffman, CEO of Gallery Systems Inc.

“I felt comfortable with Volaris. They were honest, had high integrity, and were ultimately good business people… Now that we have the weight of this large parent company behind us, I think that we can further grow our business and become titans in the industry.”

-Jay Hoffman, CEO of Gallery Systems Inc.

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Success Snapshot: Travisoft
Lauren Fischer, Travisoft

“My father was looking for an exit strategy and Volaris was the right company at the right time. They gave him what he was looking for and it gave me the opportunity to gain more exposure as the Managing Director.”

-Lauren Fischer, Travisoft

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Success Snapshot: AssetWorks Fleet
Gordon Smith, AssetWorks

“When we were previously acquired, there was a values conflict and a lack of support from our parent. They didn’t understand enterprise software and there was no nurturing of our entrepreneurial spirit. Quite the opposite has been true of Volaris.”

-Gordon Smith, AssetWorks

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Success Snapshot: SBC

“We needed help to become more efficient and establish a more stable financial footing. Volaris cut the overhead so we could survive on our own cash flow and become competitive in the market again. We started focusing on development of our product and marketing to larger customers. Volaris gave us a new lease on life.”

-JJ Shea, SBC

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Success Snapshot: AssetWorks Facilities
Ken Slaughter, AssetWorks

“We were a little ambivalent about being acquired again. Our previous parent had inadvertently stifled our entrepreneurial spirit and didn’t quite understand the software business. We have a lot more in common with Volaris and they trust us to run the company independently and with everyone’s best interests in mind.”

-Ken Slaughter, AssetWorks

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Success Snapshot: CourtView Justice Solutions
Kevin Bade, CourtView Justice Solutions

“Volaris stepped up, invested in our people and our product, while reassuring our existing client base that they were in the business for the long term. Their knowledge and experience has been invaluable in guiding us to success.”

-Kevin Bade, CourtView Justice Solutions

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Success Snapshot: Cultura Technologies
Jim Baker, Cultura Technologies, Ltd.

The agri-food software business is extremely competitive. After trying to be aggressive in the market, we had overextended ourselves. Volaris provided the financial and knowledge support to empower us to be strategic in our goal setting. We are now opening new and diverse markets and growing the business.

-Jim Baker, Cultura Technologies, Ltd.

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